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    Parameters passing as null to webservice

      Hello folks,

      This is my first post on the forum. I am a newcomer to the world of flex but have a decent bit of experience with Actionscript from using flash. I have spent a good day and a half trying to figure out a problem i have been having and am convinced it is something really simple that i have completely missed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! :o)

      Basically i have a method that reads an id in to my application using the Application.application.key technique. I have tested this and it is reading the id fine. I am was able to set its value as text in a textarea i added for testing.

      When i try to pass the value of the texarea using this method ----


      It appears to be passing a null value as i have captured what is being passed on the other end in the webservice. If i hard code a value like this -----


      Everything goes off without a hitch. Is there something i am completely over looking here?

      Also, what i was originally trying to do was call the method that returns the id directly within my <id> tags like so -----


      Is this the correct way? It was kind of a guess but when i looked around i didnt see too many examples of it.