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    Playing timeline in PP CS5 randomly stops after 1 - 15 sec

    HakanErn Level 1

      I have just installed PP CS5 on a brand new computer. Did some testediting, and it worked good. Suddenly the issue below appered



      When playing a clip in the timeline or when playing a clip from the directory in PP the playback stops randomly after 1 - 15 sec, after which I have to click play or spacebar again. Then it runs for some seconds again, and stops.



      Different types of photage

      Remove the video part of the clip and just play sound

      Remove the sound part of the clip and juist play the video

      Reinstalled Premiere Pro

      Updated drivers for the graphics card

      Run PP on single monitor


      Nothing helps...



      Windows 7 Home edition

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460

      Intel Core i7 CPU 920@2.67 GHz
      6 GB RAM

      2 DVI Monitors (LG)

      On the computer there are only software that I have installed for the use of Premiere Pro (such as Quicktime)


      I should also add, that the computer matches all criterias regarding tech spec for Premiere pro CS5 (HDD etc.)


      Can anyone please help me out with this - I have an educational production to finish which is of importance to me, and the progress with it is very slow, of course...



      Thanks in advance!



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