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    HTML Code Display - Disappearing???

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      Running into an issue, not sure how to fix this.


      I am building a link to an external .htm file that will be included with our help CHMs. It's staying external because this allows us to update it at any time without having to update any CHM itself by re-importing and building. The html files are in the same folder as the help CHMs.


      Normal hyperlinking doesn't seem to work - the CHM can't apparently see the content of topic, and may be running into an issue because it appears to be trying to open within the help screen rather than through a browser like IE or Firefox.


      So I did some googling and found the following html code which works like a charm:




      <OBJECT id=hhctrl
        <PARAM name="Command" value="ShortCut">
        <PARAM name="Font" value="Arial, 10pt">
        <PARAM name="Text" value="Text:Doc name">
        <PARAM name="Item1" value=",document.ext,">


      The issue I'm running into is that this code doesn't display in RoboHelp itself. That is, if I view the topic in Design mode, the hyperlink text ("Doc name" in the example above) never shows. And if I go between design and html, or close and reopen, the code disappears in the HTML view as well. The code is still there - the links show up as designed (and work) whenever I compile the project. I just can't find a way of getting them to display in RH beyond staying in the HTML view for that topic after inserting the code.


      Any ideas why this is happening, and what can be done?