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    Get an image from a webservice...

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      Hi, in my sql server 2000, I have a table of images (Data Type: image, Length:16). I'm assuming this Data Type is binary b/c inside column cell it says "<binary>". Now, I've created a web service that selects everything in this table. My problem is consuming this webservice, can someone please show me a sample of how to loop through cfinvoke returnvariable and display binary images? I have pasted my code below. Basically, I want to get and display images via a web service
      Thank you so much.

      My webservice:
      <cffunction name="returnquery" access="remote" returntype="query">
      <cfset var qBikeParts="">
      <cfquery name="qBikeParts" datasource="bikes">
      SELECT bikePhoto FROM bikeTable ORDER BY id
      </cfquery><cfreturn qBikeParts>

      Webservice consumer:
      <cfinvoke webservice=" http://localhost/devnet/ws/Simple.cfc?wsdl"

      Thank you so much!