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    What about this e-book??

    Pippi 18

            I have a Kindle e-book, and my brother has a Kodo.  Can you give me instruction on.                                        How to transfer books from one book to another?    Where to go to get all the free books?   Can I go on other sites to download books or stay on adobe?

      We are very new at this.

      Hope you c an help in some way?




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          Welcome to the world of ebooks!  It's fascinating and exciting - and can be

          a pain in the butt at times.  But what technology isn't?


          To start with, each ereader has a linkage to a particular ebookstore.  The

          Kindle is linked to Amazon, while the Kobo is linked to Kobo/Borders.  The

          beauty of Adobe Digital Editions is that it can service some ereaders and

          make it possible to get ebooks from other sites than the one your ereader is

          linked to.  Kindles, unfortunately, aren't supported by ADE (see

          http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices).  Kobo's readers

          aren't supported by Amazon either, but you can use ADE to download books

          from other sites: the Kobo ebookstore, WH Smith, Project Gutenberg (for

          public domain books like Sherlock Holmes), manybooks.net and others.  Do a

          Google search on ebooks and bunches of sites will jump out at you.


          What's discouraging, though, is that you and your brother aren't going to be

          able to share ebooks directly.  You'll find the same titles are sold or

          downloaded for free from more than one site, so you can share the ebooks by

          putting a copy from different sources on each of your ereaders.  Not the

          best solution, because it can get expen$ive, though.  If you wanted to

          inve$t in readers that were the same or similar (the same make, but

          different models), you'd be able to share the ebooks via the bookstore, or

          via ADE, depending on what you bought.  ADE will allow you to dowload to

          more than one supported ereader if the publisher's permissions permit it.  I

          now have four ereaders, where three months ago, I had none, in part because

          my wife and I wanted to share ebooks.


          It's amazing how you can get attached to these things!


          Hope this helps!