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    Integrating Qt into a filter plugin




      I've been developing a filter plugin that requires a pretty hefty UI. I've chosen to use Qt for this because I am deploying to both mac and windows, however, it's been a little nightmarish getting all the details just right.  Things like windows staying on top etc has been problematic and very different on each platform,  I've also run into problems of being unable to use certain features of Qt like meta-types because the declaration/allocation/whatever seems to linger between runs of the filter and cause 'open twice' crashes, with all sorts of namespace smashing errors/warning sprinkled in here and there.  I've also accidently hi-jacked photoshop's menu bar (Mac OSX) causing you to be unable to quit photoshop after running my plugin.  Some 'solutions' have been put in place by myself and my co-workers but they are quite frankly a little sketchy/incomplete for my taste.


      Does anyone know any resources (or examples) that illustrate a sane Qt/Photoshop API integration?