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    Need some help with Adobe Indexes


      Hello Reader forum! I'm looking for help to make our lives in IT easier.


      We have about 15 pdf files with pdx or index files setup for quick searching. They reside in seperate folders off of a network share.

      Problem is we are about to migrate the share to a new server and about 50 to 60 users have there local installation setup pointing to those shares via \\UNCname. So once we move the share we will have problems, being that we would have to walk to each PC and manually update the index file locations for each user.

      So my question/desire is to either copy the specific file that houses the index paths to all of the PC's or perhaps use VB Script to change all of the references automatically.

      They should all be on 9.0 reader at least.


      Any ideas, suggestions, point me in the right direction would be appreciated.