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    image alignment in columns


      Hello, I am relatively new to Dreamweaver.  I am trying to replicate a page that was created in Sitegrinder (if it matters), and am trying to align images within columns.  I have the images centered, but I want them to be at the very top of the boxes/columns, so the necklaces appear to be hanging from the top of the page.  I am honestly not sure whether the issue is that the images aren't at the top of the columns, or that the entire page is aligned 3-4 px from the top.  In either case, I can't figure out how to fix it.  Help!  Thanks.


      http://www.martinantonstudios.com/jamie_index  (this is the page I'm building)


      http://www.martinantonstudios.com/  (this is the page I'm trying to replicate)