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    Is anyone using SSD on their system


      I was looking at Adobe TV last night and saw Maximizing Performance with Intel solid State Drives giving by Karl Soule.  Looks interesting.  Just wanted to fine out is anyone else using them and how they using them?  Do just have the O.S. install on the or O.S. and Apps?

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          RjL190365 Level 5

          My recommendation for such an SSD is:


          Use the SSD for the OS and frequently-used programs only. Get an additional conventional hard drive for your less-frequently-used programs, and at least one or two additional hard drives for the media, projects, media cache and previews.

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            kmaultsby@live.com Level 1

            Ok I forgot to mention he was using a total of three one for O.S. and the other two were setup as a raid.  Wow two SSD setup as a raid.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              You will find that using a SSD for OS and applications there will be no performance improvement in running Premiere, yes it will initially load the application faster but then with any good amount of RAM you will not be using that SSD for anything everything will run at RAM speed.  Using a Pair of SSD's for your project will be fast but not any faster than a bunch of disk drives.  You will have to spend much more for the SSD's and will end up with less storage.  If you want to look at performance results go to PPBM5.

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                JEShort01 Level 4

                In summary, I like SSDs for OS/Programs, but strongly prefer hard drives for data/projects/storage arrays.


                I'm using small SSDs in a RAID 0 array for OS and programs and love it. All normal non-Adobe things I do with the computer work very fast and snappy this way (loading programs, web surfing, etc.). Read speed and "seek" access speed are beyond approach for the current SSDs out today. My recommendation for high performance without breaking the bank would be a 2x64GB Crucial C300 RAID 0 array or a single 128GB Intel 510 series SSD if RAID 0 sounds scary and you don't mind spending a bit more.


                Now for general file storage, Premiere CS5 projects, rendering, etc. I definitely prefer a hard drive RAID array over any kind of SSD setup. SSDs, particularly the smaller ones, generally have weak sequential write speed (which CS5 needs) and are silly expensive per GB compared with today's big, fast hard drives.


                Finally, I must add that for laptop users that want the best performance and are not too price sensitive, SSDs could make sense. Based on a lot of PPBM5 benchmarking that I have done, I suspect that a laptop for Premiere CS5 would be extremely effective if configured with (in addition to a powerful quad core Sandy Bridge processor):


                c: OS/programs/CS5 media and projects - 2 or 3 hard drives in RAID 0 - yes, some laptops house 3 drives now! (i.e. 2x256GB Intel 510 SSD in RAID0)

                d: CS5 Output / preview disk - eSATA external RAID device (i.e. G-RAID mini 1TB which uses 2x500GB 7200 2.5" hard drives in RAID 0 - tiny and FAST)



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                  kmaultsby@live.com Level 1

                  Thanks everyone I was not thinking of purchasing I was just thinking it was interesting that someone Adobe put that on.