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    More memory for Flash?


      Hello.  Is there a way to allocate more memory to running Flash, as can be done for Premiere, After Effects, Encore, and Media Encoder?


      In the situation detailed below, Flash says it is out of memory and locks up but my system monitor says only 20% of system memory is in use.  Is it possible to give Flash more resources?   I am running Windows 7 64-bit with 12GB of memory and CS5 Master Collection.


      - I've created a short 6-second clip in After Effects of a camera fly through between various objects (difficult to do well in Flash as far as I know), exported it as .SWF.  (tried the Flash Professional XFL export, but Flash couldn't import it)

      - SWF file is 7MB.

      - On import to Flash, the program complains that it is out of memory and corrupts the ending frames of the import with solid red frames.

      - If I reduce the resolution of the .SWF export by half and get a 4MB SWF, I can import it into Flash and actually place it on the timeline.  However, after that I am unable to do anything else on the timeline because Flash says it is out of memory.


      The .FLA is set up as 1280x720 at 29.97fps because it is for export to .MOV for HD video playback, and also playback on a computer as a .SWF -- so I really can't set up my project any other way.


      Can anyone advise on a solution?