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    Flash on Myspace not working


      I'm having trouble getting Flash to work on Myspace. I'm running OS X 10.6.7 on an iMac, and using Firefox 4, Safari 5, and Opera 11 ... and nothing works.  Myspace pages come up OK, but don't allow me to play songs on them.  I've reinstalled the latest Flash ... am I missing some sort of additional plugin, or have I added some other plugin that's preventing it from working?  Thanks for any suggestions ... and if I haven't provided enough info, I'm sorry, I'm a first-timer here.

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          So is the problem that your browser does not display any Flash from MySpace (including pages other than your)?

          Or is the problem that you are trying to add some Flash to your page and it is not showing up?

          If so, what code are you attempting to use? How have you tested that code? Songs...?? so there is a music player and a playlist as well as the audio files?

          Does the player show up but no playlist?

          The more exact details you give us the better... including a link to the problem page.

          Best wishes,


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            stevefontana Level 1

            I reinstalled Flash Player again and restarted my iMac, and for whatever reason, that seems to have worked.  Thanks again ... I appreciate your help.