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    FireEye Layout in Adobe AIR


      Dear All,


      I am a perfect newbie to Adobe Flex and AIR. Now I am trying to do my first application in Adobe AIR and to use the FireEye layout in Adobe AIR as given in the adobe tour link below:



      But when I try to compile the code, I encounter an error as given below. I use Adobe Flash Builder 4 as IDE and Flex 4.1 SDK to compile. Guess the code is written for Flex 2.0/3.0 but AIR would be supported only from Flex 3.2+ SDK right? (I am not 100% sure about this). But anyway, how could I solve this error? I would like to use AIR and also FireEye Layout. Thanks a million in advance.


      Error Message: Declaration of style 'textDecoration' conflicts with previous declaration in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\sdks\4.1.0\frameworks\libs\datavisualization.swc(mx.charts.series:ColumnSeries). picAir Unknown Flex Problem

      Code Snippet:
      <qs:Fisheye height="100%" dataProvider="{images}" 
                          hilightScaleSlope="3" hilightMinScale=".2"  defaultSpacing="4" 
                          stateProperty="currentState" rolloverValue="" 
                          defaultValue="" selectedValue="selected"
                          horizontalAlign="center" >               
                     <Component> <!-- problem happens coz of Component -->
                                    <State name="selected">
                                         <SetStyle name="borderColor" value="#E27C0E" />
                                         <SetStyle name="borderAlpha" value="1" />
                                         <SetStyle name="borderWidth" value="3" />
      Warm Regards
      Anand Uthaman