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    has flex 4.5 got ios development yet


      The free download has android but not ios - but tutorials exist which show ios development working - is the paid version ios-ready yet?

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          the paid version won't be avail until Mid May so we are futzing with older libraries


          you can pre-order which means they get your money, you have access to FB4 and of course Burrito 4.5 with old libs. if you are so daring. then in 20 days you get the released product.


          this is a marketing gimmick. It means, hey, we are really close so don't despair, it means 2 to 4 weeks and not months and don't go out and buy another dev tool. this stuff drives me crazy but at least we know we are close.

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            It is not even the free download, the paid commerical one doesn't have that feature too.  My company bought 2 Commerical premium licences of Flex 4.5 last week (today is May 11, 2011) .  But there is no ios and blackberry at all in there.


            We are really frustrating with Adobe because they should say in the web site that it is not available until June or later.  My co-worker tries to complaint to them but they know nothing about it because they say they have that in their website.  (I got the screen shot of that, but they didn't say that it is not there until June or later)


            I know this is marketing gimmick, and maybe my co-worker should investigate more before he buys it for my company.  But Adobe still should specific it clearly that this is a coming up feature because there is no way you find out in their website, you will have a chance to get a lawsuit because some company's deadline and estimation depend on the info that is provided by it.


            I know my co-worker is frustrated but what can you do???  As Adobe grow bigger, they are more like Microsoft.

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              oh, btw, if you want FLEX 4.5 for both ios and blackberry, don't buy it because there is no sure date on it.  (btw, my co-worker is still on the phone with them, and btw, adobe client service said there is no complaint department.  Sure they know nothing, Adobe does have a compliant department and I go throught that myself for a $50 dollar rebate because they charge me wrongly. I need to phone and transfer around 6 sales and customer services person to through to that.) 


              Adobe said you have to request this feature through a feature request form. 


              BTW, another co-worker said there is work around to get actionscript working with IOS on Flex.  It seems Adobe seems to has supported but the customer service said you have to pay for the support.


              I know support dept can do nothing but just let ppl to show their frustration.

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                you will have to be patient and wait til June sorry.

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                  don't talk to anyone on the phone at adobe that is beyond ridiculous.  just hang in there and here in the forums.