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    Media encoder does not open

    HakanErn Level 1


      When trying to export Media a note comes up saying I have not the latest AME. Trying to update it shows though I have all the latest updates.

      Clicking OK lets me then select export workarea and do the settings needed for the export.

      Clicking "Queue" makes PP work a little, but it does NOT open the AME!


      If I open it manually, I can see files that I send (but not the ones sent when AME did not open..) but starting to encode them results in an error:

      "Could not read from source"


      - Sourcefile:C:\Users\Logic\AppData\Local\Temp\teckenkurs2010_repetition_1_CS5_2.prproj
      - Targetfile: F:\Projektfilmer_original\dussin\public_html\TFK1.flv
      Could not read from source.


      (For some reason the AME is in Swedish...)


      What can be wrong here?