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    Home videotape to PE for editing

    Gazmum81 Level 1

      I am currently running an old PE version (3) but have PE8 that I will be replacing it with as soon as I've finished my current movie.

      Then I want to start my next mission:  to get home video footage from videotapes onto PE for re-editing and burning to DVD.

      I am so non-techie that it's all very confusing.

      I have tried recording the VCR back to my camcorder so I can upload it that way, but I can't seem to make that work.

      So to Plan B - I have a VCR-DVD recorder and that would be the easiest way to do it.

      But then the resulting DVD comes out in a non-editable format for working on in PE.

      How do I convert it so it's editable?

      (I should add that I posted a similar question a year ago, which I can locate on the forums but can't view the replies - sorry for being repetitive!  I tried whatever it was that was suggested, but the result was that the DVD converted with chunks of it missing!)