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    RAID - Clarification on Concept & Components

      This forum is a great resource on RAID ... yet I still am foggy and need to better understand before making my controller choice.

      Can someone shed more light on the various components of a controller to consider?
      How do these variables affect video editing performance and future upgrades?
      Does controller documentation give you all the info needed to install?

      What are the main things to think about as one compares these the main elements on a RAID controller?
      External Connectors
      Internal Connectors
      Transfer Rate
      Cache Memory
      RAID (this has been explained well already)
      OS Support
      I edit mostly doc style with xdcam and dslr footage.  My build will be the typical assortment posted many times -  i7-950, X58 mobo, 12 GB RAM or more, GTX 470 or 580 and a non RAID system disc,and a 850+ PSU

      My current plan is to RAID 5 - 4 1TB 7200 Samsung f3's. Since I do not see much info out there on RAID 3 ... I want to stick with RAID 5. 

      A fellow forum member has had great luck with 3ware 9750-4i.  It's a great price and should meet my needs ... unless I should be planning further ahead.

      3ware Internal 9750-4i SATA/SAS 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 w/ 512MB onboard memory Controller Card, Single

      3ware > Newegg Item#: N82E16816116109


      THANK YOU.