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    Making Text Layers; A Quicker Way?


      Okay so I have to do a Kinetic Typography animation for college and my teacher is useless. I know how to do the camera and time it but when it comes to making the text I am sure there must be an easier and quicker way than CTRL+T type layer, click layer, copy and past layer, CTRL+T click it and type again. Because the animation is going to be 2:40 what is the quickest way to make text layers? Thanks

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          what is the quickest way to make text layers?


          I'm not sure what you hope to hear here. Some things take time, patience and effort and this is one such case. "Kinetic Typography" pieces live by their meticulous execution and if it means typing and formatting every single letter, then that's how it will have to be. Sure, you could find a script and let it create a ton of layers and fill the comp, but outside it's algorithmic intelligence, it would have no clue how you'd want it to look - could look utterly garbage.... So for what it's worth, stop wasting your time looking for magic buttons and simply accept the fact that you will have to invest several evenings/ afternoons in this instead of slapping it together in a few hours.



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            Yeah I have to agree. Learn to love breaking down words or even sentances down to single letters to bring the piece alive. The time you put in will pay off. It's really being able to find that fine line between investing hours upon hours into your project and working smart, not hard. Timed-based typography demands individual attention to each character. So put on your headphones, get a coffee and get cranking! But of course - Remember to have fun with it!