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    Sample Script Reqest

    LeeVDuhl Level 1

      Looking to get started doing some PS scripting and I'm looking for a sample that does the following to get me started.  I plan to take any sample provide and uses it as a basis for my final goal.


      Looking for a script that does the following:

      - Opens a series of documents (images) from a source folder

      - Performs the following on each document

           - Applying some filter (any filter would work, but my goal is to apply a Lens Correction filter)

           - Saving the modified document off in a target folder as a JPG

           - Renaming original.


      I have already used the default "ImageProcessing" script along with a Lens Correction Action I created and that worked, but I have to process "millions" of images and that is not really a vialble solution.


      My final solution is expected to process photos in batches from a single source, included logging and and additional image processing and be scaleable.  For now I'm just looking for some assistance to get me started.




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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Your sample can be found here "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Scripts\Image Processor.jsx"


          Others can be found here http://www.ps-scripts.com/bb/

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            xbytor2 Level 4

            If you really have to process large amounts of images, I would not use JS in PS as your primary control software.

            I would use perl (my personal preference) to do all of the file management, logging, etc... and use a PS droplet

            called from the perl script to do whatever actual image processing needs to be done. I've written scripts that run

            for days at a time processing tens of thousands of images at a shot but getting this to work corrrectly and

            reliably purely in PS JS can be a daunting task. It's better now then back in CS2 days when the JS layer

            was not quite as robust as it is in CS5 but it still takes a good deal of effort to make it happen.

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              LeeVDuhl Level 1

              Thanks for the info. I have actaully been looking at that script but it did not click to use that as the sample basis.



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                LeeVDuhl Level 1

                Thanks for the info.  I don't have any experience with Perl, but I do with C# which I assume would work also.  Pearl is always an options should C# not work.