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    Pixelated Logos


      Any one out there have issues with logos looking blurry or slightly pixelated when alpha'ed over video in Premiere Pro CS5?  


      It does it on my system with both bitmap-based files (.tga, tiff, etc) and vector-based files (.eps, .ai, etc.)   Not happy.  Need help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For the Vector Art, I have always found that PS did a better job of Rasterizing, say an AI, than PrPro did.


          Can you give us a little more details on the Bitmap stills, such as pixel x pixel resolution, and also your Sequence Preset?


          Thanks, welcome to the forum, and good luck,



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            digitlman Level 1

            Did you look at it on a tape or disk export? it may look good even though the premiere preview window

            looks pixelated

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              shooternz Level 6

              I do not have any issue with applying logos over video.


              Usually psds in my case b (but.ai on occasion which I  tend to convert to psd in PS)


              I aways use a logo ( image) larger than I need and never upscale them in PPRO.


              BTW: What you see in Premiere should be what you get.  ( WYSIWYG)  It wont look any better once you export it.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                I haven't had any troubles either, using various JPEGs, PNGs and PSDs.


                Perhaps if you listed out the details of your work flow, someone might spot an error.

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                  blenzi Level 1



                  My sequence presets are: Matrox SD > NTSC > Standard 

                  I'm running PPro 5.0.3 and using the new Mercury playback engine.


                  My graphics come in various resolutions, but generally larger than I need and scaled down to the appropriate size.  But even when I don't scale them at all, they look jagged along the edges.


                  These logos are all created for TV and worked fine in my older Leitch Velocity Q (so, the problem is not the logos)


                  I have experienced this with all of the following types: .psd, .tga, .tif, .eps, and .ai.


                  Further, yesterday I received an alpha-channeled .mov font animation.  It was created for HD and looks great my HD sequences.  But when I use it in an SD sequence and scale it down, it gets pixilated.


                  Thanks for your responses so far, any other ideas are greatly appreciated.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Aside from the possiblity of a Matrox problem (what drivers do you have installed for that Matrox, and what is the model number?), where are you judging the pixelation?


                    Good luck,



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                      digitlman Level 1

                      So your running a Matrox Axio system? latest 5.12 drivers?


                      i have 8 of them myself. i can overlay gfx over video in a matrox SD ntsc project and it is fine when played out to an SDI monitor. of course the premiere preview window looks horrible and the paused SDI output looks horrible, but when playing it looks fine on the SDI.


                      i just poster on the matrox forums about the paused single field display issue, in cs4 paused video looked fine but they removed the full frame option in the cs5 drivers it seems.

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                        digitlman Level 1

                        aha! i just found a field option is now in the program window when you right click, it defaults to 1st field and when you change it to "both" then your paused and playback matrox SDI output looks perfect.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9
                          My sequence presets are: Matrox SD > NTSC > Standard


                          That's never good.  Personally, I'd lose the Matrox completely.  At the very least, try asking in the Matrox forums, as non-Matrox users don't seem to have the issue.


                          On a side note, you should mention the use of third party hardware in all original posts here.  It helps for us to know that up front.