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    CS5.03 PNG still export broken and pixelated

    digitlman Level 1

      I just did a couple hours of testing on this and have determined that you can't export a proper PNG still from a DV NTSC sequence.


      The picture is pixelated like it is half rez or one field.


      I used a resolution chart for testing and it doesnt matter if i have gpu on or off, or previews rendered or not it still is pixelated.


      i can render out a tiff,bmp, or targa file with lower field first setting and they all look perfect. if i try upper field or progressive they all look bad,


      there are no field settings for PNG so apparently it only does one field it seems?


      With that thought i made a desktop editing sequence, 720x480 with no fields and put my rez chart in it and it exported perfectly to png.


      the issue for me is i need the alpha channel from the PNG file. I have a collection of premiere titles that i need to put in our chyron for a live production.


      Making a desktop sequence is a functional workaround for this but i thought you should know this seems to be a legit bug that should be fixed by Adobe.