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    Arrow Keys


      Am just getting started with PE 9.0 and have noticed that the arrow keys (right and left) do not work to edit clips in the preview window as they have in past editions of PE. Is there any way to get this function back in customizing the keyboard? How? This was an invaluable tool!

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          nealeh Level 5

          I think you must have a keyboard problem - in PRE9 left/right arrows work fine in both monitor and preview panes. If you are working on a laptop check that you haven't inadvertently selected an alternative key function for your arrow keys.


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            mrenier58 Level 1

            There seems to be a problem with the program itself, as I am now on my third

            keyboard. The third one is brand new from Office Max as of today. When I

            plug in a new keyboard, the arrow keys work in the preview pane for the

            first attempt only. Then they stop working. I have downloaded updates for

            PE9 and am up to date. There seems to be a glitch.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Do any of the test keyboards require a driver?


              When you go to MSCONFIG, can you do a screen-cap of Startup and also Services?


              There are many things that can hook a keyboard, just like hooking hotkeys. It could well be that all it takes are a few certain clicks, to invoke/activate that program, or service, and that is when the keyboard is pirated.


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I have never heard of the keyboard not working with the program.


                I'm using Premiere Elements 9 on an XP, Windows 7 and Mac computer, and the arrow keys work on all three.


                Bill's suggestion is a good one.


                However, the other issue may be if you are using Windows 7 64-bit. It is quite possible that the 64-bit keyboard driver is not working with this 32-bit program. It's the kind of thing I often warn people of the potential for on 64-bit Windows 7 machines.

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                  mrenier58 Level 1

                  Keyboards are up to date on drivers


                  I was able to take screen cap of both start up and services in msconfig and

                  have them saved on my computer.


                  just spent an hour on the phone with Dell North American support and they

                  looked things over, did a couple of scans as well, and saw no reason that

                  the arrow key should not be performing. They said it is unlikely that the

                  new keyboard already got pirated seeing as the malfunction happened within

                  minutes of me installing the new keyboard.


                  The strange thing is that whenever I open the program and select a clip to

                  preview, the arrow keys work the first time. But if I close that clip and

                  try to do another, or do that one again, they have stopped working. I am at

                  a loss for what to do. I cannot make a movie without these arrow keys!


                  My computer is an XP 32 bit. When I ran Steve's comment by the Dell people

                  they said that wasn't an issue on my computer.