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    Strange behavior on Fireworks CS4 previewing hotspots

    Katie Stern 2 Level 1

      Hi all,


      My students have created 10-page web prototypes in Fireworks CS4. Even though they're careful to assign hotspot links that fall below the division line in the Links list, they are seeing highly erratic behavior when previewing all pages in a browser. All the links worked from the students' standpoints before sending me the files. When I view their files, some links work and some don't. I had the students create the interactive links on the Master page and then build additional pages by copying that Master page.


      After I gave feedback to the students, they went back in to double-check their links on the Master Page. The links were all assigned to pages names above the division line in the Links list, even though they had originally assigned pages below that division line. Interestingly, some links didn't even work after making this correction on th student files.


      I had the students export these files as pdf documents, and they worked just fine. Can someone tell me why, when I open a file my students have sent me, the hotspots no longer work? Did I do the proper thing by telling them to build their hotspots in the Master Page and then copy that page? What other variables could be affecting this outcome?


      Thanks for all the help people can give!


      Katie Stern