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      I am using Transition Manager to fade in several MovieClips of maps.

      import mx.transitions.*;
      import mx.transitions.easing.*;

      trans2 = TransitionManager.start(map2ndMC, {type:Fade, direction:Transition.IN, duration:2, easing:None.easeNone});

      Is there extra code to kill the instance of the transition? or find out when the transition is complete? I'm finding that on occasions the transition doesn't initiate. I thought that the enterframe code embedded in the transitionManager might be interfering with my main movie. Does anyone know if you are suppose to end the instance once it has completed?

      The code above seems to work alone (sometimes).
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          arunbe Level 1

          After starting any transitions you cant stop them...
          But, you can fine out the triggering of all transitions...
          Look the code...
          To switch of the transition, you have to assign a emptyclip name in the transition manager object..