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    required= "yes"


      <cfinput type="file" name="custCartFile" required="yes" message="Please Select an Image File" >
      <cfinput type="submit" name="submit" value="Add Image">

      the message displays when clicking on the button whether or not there is an entry.
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          a440guy Level 1
          You already have a thread going on this called "Simple Text Field". I know you are new and maybe you weren't sure if you should start a new thread or not. Generally, you should start a new thread when you want to make a comment that is off the topic of the original thread. In this case, I would say that the required="yes" problem was still on-topic of the other thread because it was part of the solution that was offered in that thread. Now we have this empty, useless thread that clutters the forum and wastes the time of those of us trying to help you. Please carefully consider whether or not to start a new thread.
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            atsidi Level 1
            This thread received no replies so I created a new thread with better subject and wording diction. That thread received the answer and so, in this case, it was proper for me to create the new thread.
            Thanks for the heads up!