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    Exporting Common Library


      Greetings Friends,

      Is there a way to export an entire Common Library? I run mulitiple coppies (all registered) of FW CS5 on different machines and I'd like to export the common library from one machine to another.



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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          The Common Library is installed automatically on any system where Fireworks is properly installed. There is no need to export it to other systems. Please be more specific regarding what you are trying to do.

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            AHI225 Level 1

            First let me say thanks "Mr. B". Your tutorials on Lynda have taught me everything I know about FW. Keep em' comming!


            I have added quite a few folders (containing my own custom symbols) within the Common Library. I'd like to be able to export these additional folders and add them to the Common Libraries of the the other member's of my design team.


            Thank you again Mr. B

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              OK much clearer. And ty. :-)


              Probably the easiest thing to do is locate the custom symbols folder via the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, copy the folder onto a Flash drive and paste it into the Common Library folder on your other systems.