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    WebHelp link address cut short on websites with 'FL-PBC' in web address


      Hello - I recently upgraded to RoboHelp 9 from 7. And now I'm having trouble with getting my webhelp to work. I have several hosted websites where the help has worked in the past but it is now failing after the upgrade.


      I've narrowed it down to failing only on websites with 'FL-PCB' in the website name - http:// webserver/FL-PBC-UAT-05/login.aspx. It's redirecting the help links when I click the help link from the website. It's also redirecting when you type the full path to the help file in internet explorer, like http:// webserver/FL-PBC-UAT-05/ help/ help topic.htm. It redirects to http: // webserver/FL-P.


      The webhelp system displays when you click a help link from the website but topics do not display (get a 404 error). If you look at the properties for the missing help file the address is just - http: // webserver/FL-P. Instead of http:// webserver/FL-PBC-UAT-05/ help/ help topic.htm. The help htm files are located in the correct folder on the webserver.


      I've never seen this before. This did not happen with RoboHelp 7. And it doesn't happen with other links with hyphens in the name. Just the ones that have 'FL-PBC'. For example, our http:// webserver/FL-PalmBeach-UAT-05 /login.aspx link works just fine (with the same exact help system)...


      One of my tech guys ran a program to track what happens when the Help javascript runs and it's getting cut after running whtopic.jc. Then next thing that happens is the 404 error for http:// webserver/FL-P.


      Has anyone seen this before and been able to fix it? Any ideas on what to try??


      Thanks, Elizabeth