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    Problem connecting to Data/Service outside web root


      I'm new to Flash Builder (4.5). I work in an environment where developers have full access to a specified folder and subfolders on a Windows box running IIS 7 and ColdFusion 9.


      So the path to the services-config.xml looks like this (server and folder names have been changed, but the structure is the same):




      Path to coldfusion root looks like this




      The developers don't have write access to those areas. What we have is






      And so on


      Then our server admin sets up virtual servers so that our urls look like http://app1.ourdomain.co, app2.ourdomain.com, etc.


      I set up a project specifying ColdFusion as the server technology and using the above paths and everything works


      I've run set up a couple Hello World tests using <mx:RemoteObject destination="ColdFusion" source="app1.flextest"></mx:RemoteObject> and everything works as expected. (No database connections, just a function that returns a string)


      The problem is when I try to exploit the magic of Flash Builder and use the Connect to Data Service feature to write my queries for me : )


      I select ColdFusion


      In the CFC location I enter


      \\servername \webteam$\webcontent\app1\cpa\flextest.cfc


      Which is the same working cfc I connected to manually in my Hello World test. Flash Builder automatically populates the Service Name, Service Package, and Data Type Packages and I click next. I enter my RDS password and I then get this error:


      The CFC file is invalid. Possible causes can be found by accessing: http://app1.ourdomain.com//CFIDE/componentutils/cfcexplorer.cfc?method=getCFCMetaData&name =flextest&path=%2Fwebcontent%2Fapp1%2Fflextest.cfc


      Copying and pasting the url into my browser I get this error:


      The value returned from the getCFCMetaData function is not of type struct.


      HOWEVER, if I modify the url and remove "%2Fwebcontent%2Fapp1%" I get a response:


      E:\webteam\webcontent\app1\flextest.cfcE:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\WEB-INF\cftags\component.cfc WEB-INF.cftags.componentWEB-INF.cftags.componentcomponentcpa.flextestcpa.flextestcomponent remoteflexteststring


      So I just need to tell Flash Builder to shorten the path and not add "/webcontent/app1" How?


      Sorry it took so long to explain. I've been googling for days and can't find anything. I'm sure there must be other users who develop on servers outside the root path of their web server, right?


      P.S. I tried mapping drives but that didn't help




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