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    Importing images

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      I'm extremely new to this, so I hope this is an appropriate post in the correct place. I'm afraid I'm using the ancient Flash MX at the moment. My question has 2 parts.  I was hoping to do an animation whereby a piece of text fades up blurred and then focusses, but I'm unable to find how to blur it inside Flash


      1 Am i right in thinking that there is no blur option in Flash MX? 


      2 I tried creating the text in Fireworks and importing/copying/dragging it into Fireworks.  I can bring in one element, but as soon as I try to bring in a second version, by whichever method, Flash just closes out without saving my work.  I thought this might be a glitch in my software, so reinstalled it but the problem persists. Am I doing something stupid?


      Any advice please?


      Many thanks