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    transfeering to Kobo


      I am having difficulty transferring a book from my pc to my Kobo. A Kobo online chat did not solve the problem. He suggested that I come here. The Adobe Digital Editon is authorized. My Kobo was set to 'Manage Library' but nothing happened.

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          Ah, but is your Kobo reader activated with Kobo's website?  That's the first



          You didn't say what the 'problem' was, so my response might cover some

          ground you have been over before....


          Once your Kobo ereader is activated with Kobo's website, you can plug it

          into your computer as a USB drive.  When your computer recognizes it and

          assigns it a drive letter, then start ADE.  When ADE comes up, it will

          recognize your Kobo ereader, and it should show your Kobo ereader in the

          left hand panel of its Library view.  It's simple after that: drag and drop

          the book from the right hand library onto your Kobo.


          After you've loaded your Kobo up, you need to close ADE, and eject the Kobo

          ereader from yor computer.  Leave the Kobo plugged in until it tells you

          it's finished updating itself with the new content.  Then you can pull the

          plug and you're set to read.


          There are some catches.  The books you're downloading will have certain

          permissions granted by the publisher.  If you get an error message during

          your drag and drop that tells you you can't do that, it may be that the

          publisher has not authorized copying it to an ereader.  That's the main

          one.  Others might crop up during the linkup and relate to the way the Kobo

          is authorized.  If that happens, come back here and search the Forum for

          those particular error messages.


          Hopefully, it will be straightforward and no problems.


          Hope this helps!