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    Debugger is Not Working (Flash CS3, ActionScript 3.0)

      No matter where I place breakpoints, the debugger does not stop.

      I only noticed this after making quite a few changes to the Flash document, so I am not sure what would have caused this. One change I made was to add a standard Slider component. The debugger had previously behaved normally, stopping on any breakpoints set and displaying local variables. The strange thing is, I know that the code with breakpoints is executing, because the fla file runs as if I had pressed Test Movie instead of Debug Movie.

      If I create a new Flash document, place some ActionScript code in the initially created frame, the debugger works. What could be causing the debugger to ignore breakpoints in my other document? (I checked the Publish Setting and the Permit Debugging checkbox is checked, and so is the Strict Mode checkbox under ActionScript 3.0 Settings.)

      Thank you for any help you can offer!