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    How can we ask our readers if our docs are helpful

    Cheryl Bowsher Level 1

      My department would like to find out if our technical docs are helpful and we have been debating different approaches.


      Our docs are written, some in Word and some in FrameMaker. They are mostly published in pdf format and a few are published as online help. They are distributed via various SharePoint pages, network shares, our knowledge base, email, and embedded in software. Some docs are used by company employees, some by end users, and some by both.


      We are primarily concerned with the pdf files for now. We looked at inserting a document action in Acrobat that would pop up a mini-survey when a pdf closes. However, that seems to require the users to turn on Javascript in Reader, which is not allowed by our IT department. We can create an online survey and embed links in various places throughout the docs, but we expect most users to ignore that.


      Has anyone else found a solution to this? We'd appreciate some suggestions.


      Cheryl Bowsher
      Las Vegas