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    Hyperlink to a bookmark in PDF file

    mweart@firstam.com Level 1

      I have a PDF file included in my project help source.

      I have added a hyperlink in a topic to open that PDF file.

      That is working fine and no problems.


      Is it possible to define a hyperlink wthin a topic to open the PDF and go to a bookmark within the PDF?

      Basically what I want to do is this:


      Have an FAQ topic that provides a list of frequently asked questions with corresponding answers.

      The answer must be short and concise but allow the user to click a hyperlink to get "more information".

      Some of the content that is the "more information" for the answer is not in a topic, but in the PDF.

      I would like to define a hyperlink within a topic that opens the PDF to a specific place WITHIN the PDF file.

      I assumed the place in the PDF must have a bookmark (is there any other way?).


      I have:

      Created the bookmark in a Word document.

      Added that bookmark as a bookmark when creating the PDF using Adobe Acrobat.

      (This is not ideal as it appears in my PDF as extra bookmarks - I will deal with that after I see if this approach will really work)


      I tried doing a standard bookmark hyperlink (e.g., DataDefinitions.PDF#HPI Metrics) but the PDF just opens without going to the specific place within the PDF that has the relevant content.


      Is this even possible?

      It just seems like it can be, but maybe I am just experiencing wishful thinking.


      As always, thanks for any advice/assitance/suggestions.


      Michael F Weart