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    Impossible to develop for Android?


      So, I got an Android phone yesterday, so I'm like "Oh cool, I can mess around with Air-Android junk now." Then after looking at some setup tuts, I went to go find the extention and it's not there, it's says it will be rolled into the newest version of flash.(Flash CS5.5 I assume.) So I went to go get the trial of Flsah CS5.5, and it's not there.


      So wtf? I can't dev on Android at the moment because it's just impossible? I think if I dig around a bunch I could find the old extention on some buried site, but would I want to? Or should I just wait for CS5.5? (When's that comming out by the way?) Like, if I find it would I be wasting my time because the CS5.5 one will be all different and I'll have to relearn?


      Your thoughts?