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    Document Root \ Browsing websites from within Builder?

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      I have a fresh install of CF Builder, trying to get it setup.


      I have a local install of cf 9.0

      I use IIS 6

      Windows XP


      CF is installed on



      Coldfusion admin runs from the directory:



      and is browsed from


      My website is located under the following directory:

      c:\websites\<website name>\


      I browse the URL for the website on<website name>/index.cfm


      I CAN access the server admin from within cf builder.


      The console view shows:

      [local]:(04/21 at 02:28:30) Server is available. Getting server settings.


      Server view show the server is running


      If i try to preview my page I get a file not found error:

      14:28:50.050 - coldfusion.runtime.TemplateNotFoundException - in : line -1
               File not found: /password/sb_password.cfm


      The value of the template path is



      which indicates to me that I have left somethign out\something is incorrect in my setup.


      How do I get it to preview pages from my actual website location??