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    Link with short name (clickable)


      Hi guys,


      I've got an problem coding right here.


      I made a form wich a user can fill in and then print as pdf to merge all data such as images and text.


      But now some difficulties are showing up, because; now i need to add an text field were the user can fill in an URL, not that difficult, but the URL is too long to eventually fit in the design i've made.


      Is there a way to let the user fill in an URL and when the user prints to PDF that the URL will be shortened but STILL CLICKABLE?


      Maybe there's another way to do it? Could it be done with buttons and a tekst field; when the user prints to PDF, that the link will be replaced by a button (that reads the content of that text field)???


      I hope somebody can help me out around here!


      Thanks a lot!


      Greetings Daan