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    Pentaho BI reports integrartion in Flex




      I want to intgrate Pentaho BI reports[OpenSource BI Tool] in Flex.


      Is this possible? Please help me.





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          Zolotoj Level 3

          I think you would face same limitations with this product as with any other reporting product being integrated into today's Flex application. Flex cannot show complex HTML, nor it can show PDF. But even if you can show PDF, I am not sure that a real world's report would always keep all functionality (drilling down for example) after the PDF conversion. I think developing AIR apps.  and outputting reports into HTML to show is a way to go if your application is all about reports. I personally use Flex, SQL reports, and iFrame design pattern. It works, as long my users use IE and they dont play with resizing. Which unneeded thing to do anyway when you work with reports.