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    Flex Compiler include library


      Dear All,


      We are developing a Flex application in which we are heavily using dynamic object creation using Action Script. For this purpose, we have referanced 2 libraries through compiler include libraries.


      Now for first beta release it works fine as first time we are giving it for integration testing. Currently if we modify the referaned libraries, then always we need to build the complete main project MXML so that linking should happen. But going forward, we want to avaoid the complete build of our main application. Also while patches deliveries to client, we want to provide only newly generated SWCs which are referanced but not complete main application build.


      So please let us know how to acheive this.



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          Darrell Loverin Level 4

          You could try linking your two SWCs as RSLs instead of statically including all the classes. With RSL linking the main application would not contain any of the classes in the two SWCs, those would be loaded by the main application as RSLs. If you want the ability to update your RSLs without recompiling your application you could turn off digest verification on the loaded RSLs. But be aware of the security implications of turning off digest verification.