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    solid layer export will not play


      hi ,,, using cs4


      i am trying to make a cloud of animated coloured  smoke surround a figure


      my work flow is going to be first make an avi of just moving smoke then import the avi to a project containing the avi with my figure


      add a mask to the smoke avi layer and play all


      So first i have tw0 solid coloured layers with noise applied i then use position key frames to move the solids in different directions  across the screen


      this looks fine like smoke ,,,,, i then export from AF this export appears to work it plays in vlc player and looks like smoke so i  then import  this avi to AF this is when the problem first appears:- in the project window the avi has no duration if i d click the avi in the project window a player opens up and it plays but when i drag it to the timeline it will not play and the area of the timeline is grey not coloured like the other clips i have imported



      is there something wrong with the way i am making this smoke avi




      here a little more information


      ok when i get this smoke avi to the timeline it just not like other avi's as in i do not have the choice to show or hide the track with the little eye button on the left

      in fact i cannot expand the track at all like i have no transform opacity nothing