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    marquee tool improvements we need and other shortcomings

    josh@joshthomas.com Level 1

      Come on Adobe, let's bring over some must needed features to Fireworks:


      1) Transform marquee. I use this all the time in Photoshop.


      2) Copy merged. Another frequently used PS command. There is a script someone wrote for this but it's unstable and you must apply a seprate action if elements are locked. This is a must have in any workflow, especially useful for creating final web graphics. Creating slices just doesn't cut it anymore (pun intended).


      While I'm ranting, here are some annoyances I have with the Text tool:

      • Text cursor disappears when using arrow keys, thus easily lost.

      • No way to apply a keyboard shortcut to underline text. Anyone else frequently underline hyperlinks?

      • No way to select more than one word using opt-shift right/left arrow. This is something that works in every other Mac application.

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          John Dunning Level 1

          I assume you're referring to this Copy Merged extension?  http://bit.ly/u1yN1


          I'd be interested in hearing what's making it unstable for you.  The default command handles locked layers just fine.  If you have individually locked elements, you can run the Copy Merged - Locked Elements command to copy the merged state of the image.


          I totally agree with you about the lack of a transform marquee feature.  When I want to copy some pixels, what I usually do is draw a rectangle, which is easy to transform into the right size with my keyboard resize commands (http://bit.ly/CqSWA).  Then I use the Copy Merged Into Selection command that's part of the Copy Merged extension.  That flattens the image and crops it to the size of the rectangle, making it very easy to copy just the right part of an image.