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    HELP!!!! Button issue HELP!!


      I'm somewhat new to prototyping in Fireworks, but this is so dumb it's driving me crazy. All I'm trying to do is set up simple 2 state buttons, I have graphics for both. When I set my first graphic to a button symbol all I get is the graphic dissapears on roll over. I've been ALL over Adobe help and everything it says is to set the "over" state with the pop-up menu, select over and assign it with that you want. I CANNOT find that pop-up anywhere! When I set behaviors they have no affect (I'm assuming because it's only a 2 state button?) I've tried directly loading the images on state 2 and letting it defalt to that state for roll over but it has no effect. I"m so frusrtated on something that should be so comepletely simple. I would really appreaciate anyhelp. I'm using CS4 - thanks

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          The pop up menus have nothing to do with a simple rollover button. TO create a simple rollover, draw a button shape, convert it to a button symbol. It will be covered with a green slice guide with a small target shape in the middle. Double click on the green slice guide to open the symbol editor window. In the property panel, you see a State feature that enables you to add down, over, over while down button states. Add text and then select Over. Choose the Copy Up option. Make the changes you want to the text, color, outline, etc. of the  button shape and then click on the left pointing arrow at the top of the document window to close the button editor. There you have it.

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            oonabreyer Level 1

            Thank you so so much! The drop down menu I was talking about was the in the properties menu, I think I kept clicking on the target thing not just inside the slice so i couldn't get it to open up correctly. And then my graphics for my roll overs were buttons as well and they needed to be graphics, so once I fixed that I was good to go. Thanks for the help!