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    Move digital to external??


      Is it possible to move my Adobe Digital to my Maxtor external?.......

      My poor HD is gettin' 'overwhelmed' and now is NOT the time

      that I can increase my internal.......I have a windows opperating

      system on my desk top............... Thank you for your time............T

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          I have the same problem, and my discussions with Adobe were not as helpful

          as I'd like.


          What I've found out is that Adobe MUST establish entries on your C:/ drive -

          that's the way the software is written.  However, you can put your book

          files on another drive - internal or external - during the installation



          If you feel comfortable with file manipulation, I'd suggest making copies of

          your ebook files to a separate folder on your external drive.  They're

          located inside the Adobe Digital Editions folder and/or your My Digital

          Editions if you have one.  Don't name the temporary

          folder either of these two names.  Then, you can uninstall ADE, using their

          uninstaller or the Windows 'Add/Remove Programs' function you find shown on

          the Control Panel if you're comfortable doing that.


          Once you've finished the uninstall, EMPTY THE TRASH FOLDER - because ADE

          will look for certain files when you reinstall it and if it finds them in

          the Trash Folder, it will use those files.  During the installation, you can

          point ADE to the external drive, and it will install a folder 'Adobe Digital

          Editions' there to contain your books and other files.


          When you activate ADE, you can use the Library function to add books to your

          library.  When you click on the drop-down box in Library view, it has an

          entry to add items to your library.  You can browse locations, so you can

          specify your temporary folder as a source, then click on your books, and

          you're back in business.  You do have to do them one at a time, though, so I

          hope the number is relatively small.  When you're done, you can delete the

          temporary file.


          After you reinstall ADE, you will have to get it to recognize your ereader

          again.  If you need help with this, let the forum know, and we'll be glad to

          walk you through the process.


          Hope this helps!



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            tracerracer66 Level 1

            Thank you, I don't have time today, but will be tryin' this

            soon.......I'll let you know if I

            'stubb my toe', thanks again...................T

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              That's a bit heavyweight on the process....


              I would suggest either:

              1.) On Windows move your My Documents directory.  There is a process for this other than just file copy (some setting dialog somewhere - I'm not normally a Windows user, so I can't help there).  If you move the whole My Document directory correctly, the My Digital Editions folder will go with it.



                   The down sides to this are that if you get the settings wrong, ADE will be in a horribly confused state, and may cease to work at all.  Uninstall/Reinstall will not help here at all.  (BTW Uninstall/Reinstall of ADE rarely helps anyway, since all the uninstall does is to just remove the executable, which is rarely part of the problem).



              2.) Move all of your books.  Go to the My Document/My Digital Editions

                   a.) Copy all of the PDF and ePub files to your external disk in a folder for them

                   b.) In ADE, select all of the files and delete them

                   c.) Then in ADE select Library->Add To Library, navigate to the folder, and select all of your books.


                   The down sides to this are:

                         1.)  You lose information (if you had them organized in bookshelves you will need to redo that)

                         2.)  All new purchases through ADE will go into your my documents directory and you will have to move the manually after the fact.

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                Jim, thanks for validating a portion of my answer.


                To clarify for Windows users: if you move your 'My Documents' folder to

                another drive, you risk having big problems with other applications that

                utilize the folder.  And, if you are running Windows XP, the software will

                recreate a My Documents folder on the C:\ drive.  That can cause more

                confusion, especially if someone is working with multiple applications that

                use My Documents as the storage location for files (such as word processors

                or spreadsheet programs).


                When someone reinstalls ADE, the software does ask where to locate the book

                and documents, and thus a reinstallation resets the pointers within ADE

                without confusing the software.  That is important, as you point out,

                because it avoids having to do anything else after you've moved everything.


                It is STILL a significant point that ADE should ask the user where to

                install the software so that those of us who want the whole enchillada to be

                located somewhere other than C: can do so!!!!  If that were the case, then

                we wouldn't be talking about this, would we?