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    Help system generated as WebHelp constantly reloading in iOS and Android browsers.

    plabarbera1 Level 1

      Using RoboHelp 9, I've generated a Help project as WebHelp. When viewing the project in any browser in Windows or OSX, everything looks fine.


      When opening the project using the iOS browser or the Android browser, the project re-loads itself every few seconds. This causes a consistent flashing of the page and renders the project unusable. Is there a known solution to this problem?


      Here are some details about the project:

      • All default WebHelp settings were used when published.
      • The only toolbar buttons published were TOC and Search.
      • The project has a master page and skin (.zkn) imported from projects created with RoboHelp 8.
      • This problem also appeared when using RoboHelp 8.