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    how to make sure CSS loads

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi -

      I have a movieclip (forms_mc) that is basically a holder for a dynamic textField . The htmlText that's displayed and the CSS that styles it are external files brought into the app with the code I've attached below. This mc is then inside an Accordion component which is then on the main stage. Everything was perfect until this week - I burned this whole project to a CD. Suddenly the CSS doesn't load. I've had similar, previous burns work perfectly. I see the text but it's not styled.

      I felt that this was to handle the text and the css because both were changing a lot during development. Should I have done it differently? Now it's close to delivery time...aaarrrgh.
      I don't know enough about AS to fix this kind of thing.

      Please - is there a way I can stop the whole interface from loading UNTIL the css and text is properly loaded into forms_mc?

      TIA your expertise.