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    Workflow for missing timecode?

    rawlogic Level 1

      I'm on Windows and have Premiere Pro CS5. I have AVCHD files recorded from a Canon Vixia HF S200. I copied the entire contents from the SDHD cards to my hard drive.


      In the Media Browser in Premiere, I can see the begin time in the date field, however, when I bring the clips into Premiere Pro, there is no timecode. In addition, when I go to set the timecode manually via Modify->Timecode, that feature is grayed out.


      Please describe some work flows where I can set the timecode on these files. I filmed with two cameras and need to sync the footage in addition to simply knowing the time of day at a glance.


      Right now, I'm preparing to bring each of the 300+ clips into Premiere, one at a time, drop the timecode effect onto it, then render and export it. I'll edit with these burned-in timecode clips and replace the footage later. This will take a crazy amount of time.


      Any suggestions for a better workflow? Any way to get Premiere Pro CS5 to read and display the timecode, or at least let me set the timecode on the AVCHD files?


      Thank you.




      Marcus Adams

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          TradeWind Level 3

          Make sure that when you copied the SD card contents that you didn't change ANYTHING...not the name of the files, the order, etc....


          Timecode for AVCHD files is set on metadata files in the AVCHD folder structure - MTS files do not contain timecode data, nor can timecode data be written to MTS files (as you discovered).


          The reason you shouldn't change anything - and again, this means the filenames as well - is because all the metadata is being read as you edit, and if a filename changes then the links are broken and boom...not metadata (including timecode).

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            rawlogic Level 1

            Christian, thanks for the info, but I already copied the entire contents of the SD cards, as I stated in my post.


            The time code is embedded in these files. DVMP can read and display it even without the metadata. Adobe's just not reading it. Even if the timecode weren't embedded, it  doesn't make sense that Adobe can't display calculated timecode since the created date is in the metadata. There's no explanation why Modify->Timecode is grayed out.


            Does anybody have a workflow for burning in timecode for AVCHD files or setting the timecode?


            Thank you.

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              TradeWind Level 3

              Again, just guessing...was the card locked when you put the SD card in your computer (and are you on a Mac)?


              I know there are some issues with MacOS doing funny things, and locking the card is one way to prevent the issues.


              Sorry I couldn't be more helpful...the only time I've heard of people having TC issues on AVCHD footage is when copying individual files off the card or bypassing the Media Browser in PPro.


              Good luck!

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                rawlogic Level 1

                Christian, I'm on Windows, as I stated in my first post.


                The cards were locked, when I copied the data over to my hard drive. The issue is that Adobe Premiere Pro isn't reading the timecode off the files, and it won't let me set the timecode manually.


                So, I need another workflow to edit with timecode. Anybody?


                I already submitted this as a bug.

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                  joe bloe premiere Level 5

                  Whether or not the files from a Canon Vixia HF S200 actually
                  contain valid timecode is a question I can't answer.
                  But, if you are looking for a timecoded proxy workflow in order
                  to use numerical reference while editing... you could try this.


                  Use Media Encoder to transcode all of your source material to a
                  timecode compatible format like P2 or MXF (matching your original
                  source's framerate, aspect etc).


                  Import these new files into your project and you will then
                  be able to access the Modify>Timecode function.
                  Set each clip to whatever value you want, then edit away.


                  After you are finished editing unlink your clips from the proxy media
                  that you created, and relink to the original media for final rendering.

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                    Colin-B Level 1

                    Timecode was not originally in the AVCHD specs, but some camcorders have implemented it such as the Panasonic 150. There have been past threads about Premiere not recognising timecode in AVCHD and at the time Adobe's response was that timecode was not in the AVCHD specs. But I'm sure that a later release of PPro 5 had fixed this.


                    This thread might be of some help - starting at post number 25 and continuing onto a second page. It's about a Panasonic model but there might be some relevancy for yours.