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    Text Formatting:  Not consistent in ToolTip, Help?

    learner_doug Level 1




      I use Panels with columns of text and buttons.  The text objects are sub-classed from TextArea.  I format my tooltips with \n\t to make new lines and create an indent for the line items like this:



      1.  Item number one

      2.  Item number two




      n.  Item number n


      Most of the tooltips have three or four lines.



      Sometimes the tooltips do not line up with the tabs when I roll-over them.  If I roll-out, then back over one or more times, they do line up.  Sometimes they line up on the first roll-over.



      I originally wanted the tooltips to have bullet points, but couldn't get them to work, so I'm using numbers with tabs instead.


      I realize this is a bit involved - so thanks for taking a look.