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    Adobe Reader 10/10.1 document error when scrolling in IE


      I have Adobe Reader 10 installed on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7, both with Internet Explorer 8.  On XP, no problems.  However, on Windows 7, some documents (those with multiple pages and multiple fields) get " Document error 118"  when scrolling past one or two pages.  I have tried  this with Reader 10 and 10.1, same results on both platforms.  All documents are on our intranet.  Unfortunately due to some important external sites I cannot set "View PDF in Browser" to off, which solves this problem.


      One additional note, the website we use (again, it's internal/local domain) shows as a trusted site in the IE notification bar at the bottom, however when a PDF is open from that web site the URL shown is part of our domain but the IE windows shows it as an unknown zone....