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    Custom Spark Panel Not Visually Clipping Children



      I tried in the Yahooo Flexcoders forum with no luck.
      The subject pretty much sums it up. I am skinning a component that extends the Flex 4 Spark Panel component, and all is working well, except anything I add to it as children in the MXML is not getting masked/clipped. However, if I add content as child elements manually via Actionscript to a Group component I declare inside my custom panel, it clips as it should.

      i.e. This visually masks/clips the content to stay visually inside the panel, but it's a hack, it should do it automatically like it does with native Spark panels:
      The following does not (the ContentMarquee component should not visually extend outside the custom panel, but it does if the panel is not large enough to contain it):
      <uiComponents:TabbedPanel id="tabbedPanel" tabTitle="Keyboard Reports" width="650" height="270">
          <uiComponents:ContentMarquee top="30" icon="assets.fxg.KeyIcon" title="10-Key Feedback" />
      I can provide the skin MXML file and/or the other component MXMLs if needed, but didn't want to put too much in this first post.  How do I ensure any child elements added to a custom panel get clipped to match the panel's content area?
      Jason Merrill
      Instructional Technology Architect
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