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    Graphics Card for new system


      I asked for and received excellent advice on choosing a video card for a couple year system I have.  With a 650 watt system the 550 was the choice)


      I'm now in the process of putting a new system together. The main components are....

      Intel 2600K processor

      850W Corsair Gold PS

      Asus P8767

      16GB 1600 ram

      120GB SSD system drive for now

      Several 2TB data drives


      Use is mostly Adobe Photoshop but some PP video editing now as time goes on. Typically short videos of only a few minutes made from several Canon Mark 4 HD clips for now.


      The last item I need along with my system drive is the graphics card.  In the $150-$350 range I've been looking at the GTX 550, 460, 560 and 570 and I'm not sure with this setup how much of a practical difference I'll see between them.  I certainly don't want to spend a couple thousand dollars on a system and then really short myself with a lesser GC but if there isn't much of a difference I can think of other places to invest the cash.


      Thanks in advance.