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    Adobe phtoshop CS5 Extended Couldnot open my Raw Format Images.


      Have anyone could help me about this question?


      I purchased Photoshop CS5 Extended and lightroom 3 together.

      My Camera is Canon Rebel T2i.

      My Lightroom can open Raw file; but I tried Photoshop many times to open Raw file-CR2. it doesnot work at all. I download camera raw 6.3 to my computer, but it couldnot RUN for me. I checked camera surpported list. I know my camera by 5.7 or 6.1 not 6.3

      but 6.1 doesnot run either after downloaded.

      Now I am cofused why so much trouble to use the software?

      After I EDIT images from Lightroom3, I want to edit in to photoshop, but lightroom says only compatible with camera 6.3.


      I am very sad now about this.


      Pang Pang