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    In a tween, move the entire scene (including other animations)


      I am somewhat new to Flash, but I have consulted with more experienced users, and they could not find an easy solution.

      So I have a scene that is being animated, and I want to pan up, to a different part of the same scene.


      I have a large number of animations (with even more key frames) going on in the scene, and if I had known I needed to pan around the image, I would have put those animations into a symbol, but there was a change of plans late in the game.

      If I just do an unlock all, "select all" then move them, the previously static parts of the scene move correctly, but the previously animated sections do not. They are animating in the position they need to be in for the last frame of the pan.


      Please don't tell me I have to a change each animated symbol's position at each frame. That would be close 300 changes. I might be able to do it at each "set" of key frames I have, which will still reduce it to only 15 group changes, but still a lot a room for error.


      Any help is appreciated.